About James Sambrook

Proven Methods for Proven Results

James is based in Sussex and has 16 years of experience of Financial Services and is a fully qualified financial advisor. Specialising in Protection, Investments, Pensions and Estate planning. He is always looking to help new and existing clients with their financial needs. James would be very happy to speak with you if you’re in the Sevenoaks or Sussex areas, especially if you are looking for Pensions Advice Horsham.

Proven Methods for Proven Results

Our methods are built from years of experience in understanding what questions to ask in order to define the best solution for you. Together we will:

  • Identify your short, medium and long-term goals
  • Clarify what you want to achieve from life
  • Map your route to success
  • Make easy to understand product recommendations
  • Adjust your plan as your life changes

I‘ve helped 100's of people achieve peace of mind and financial freedom…

James came highly recommended and with not having a current pension plan in place that I pay into regularly, along with having an old pension plan, that I knew nothing about, I asked James if he would help me get it sorted. I know very little about pensions in the UK and was also confused as to what I actually had in place. James came round and explained everything to me using simple terms that I could understand. He took the time to make sure I fully understood the benefits of the plan he was proposing, how they would affect me and what the costs involved would be. He answered all my questions in simple terms and his knowledge and approach of explaining things to me were hugely reassuring. I would not hesitate to recommend James to my clients, colleagues, friends and family.
Pippa Tanko
I am a reasonably numerically and financially savvy person. My husband is an intelligent, informed man who knows a lot about a lot of things, and as a result can be distinctly uncomfortable when a subject is beyond him. I knew that with changes to pension rules, our financial matters were needing attention, and although I didn’t know James very well at that stage, I sensed that he was trustworthy! My husband was, however less than enthusiastic about the visit, and quite frankly could have done without it. James handled the situation so well…. he was gentle and knowledgeable, and within a very short time, my husband not only relaxed, but participated enthusiastically, ultimately understanding more about where we were and what needed to be done. I trust James’ integrity without hesitation, he is well qualified, understands the minefield of financial legislation, but has remained a gentle, considerate human being. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anybody, and know without any question that any advice given would be entirely in the best interests of the client.
Bev Horton