Life Insurance

affordable way to protect your family

Life insurance is an affordable way to protect your family and their future in the event of you no longer being around to provide for them.

By choosing the level of life insurance you require you can guarantee your family’s future. If you die, your insurance policy will pay out either a lump sum, or a regular income depending upon the level and type of cover required.

Deciding whether to take out life insurance isn’t really the question. It’s not a debate of whether it is needed. But rather how much and how? As mentioned. There are different life insurance policies for different needs. For example:

Level Term Insurance

Decreasing Term Insurance

Family Income Benefit

Income Protection

Critical Illness Cover

Whole of Life Insurance

There are also some questions you need to ask yourself before deciding which form of life insurance is best for you?

  • How much cover will be enough?
  • What am I trying to accomplish?
  • What happens if I don’t die?
  • How can I increase my life insurance cover?
  • What will really give me the peace of mind I am looking for?

After familiarising yourself with the details, contact me and I can tailor your life cover to match your current circumstances.

Guarantee your families protection in the face of any unforeseen incidents; as an independent financial adviser I am licensed to provide advice on different products, giving you a complete selection to choose from.